DIMS Prescription

DIMS Prescription is an easy to use prescription software. It allows doctors of all specialty to manage their chamber digitally.
“DIMS Prescription“ is the all-in-one chamber solution software developed by ITmedicus.


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Be careful when using prescriptions writing software.

  1. Ensure the security of your data. Use the software of an established company.
  2. Your software will be safe and always usable if you ensure software maintenance and service.
  3. So you need to be sure about software maintenance and services before purchasing any software with one-time payment.
  4. We have many users who could not use this type of software from other companies due to lack of after sales services and maintenance.
  5. Lots of those users later decided to use our software as we are regularly offering after sales service and maintenance.

Why should Doctors use Prescription Software?

  • Electronic Health Record keeping
  • Excellent Doctor Friendly Interface
  • Convenient  Billing System
  • Compatible with Govt. Regulations
  • Print-out Options for Prescription

Why DIMS Prescription is a better choice?

  1. Shortest prescription writing time.
  2. Highly customizable to fulfill doctors requirement.
  3. DIMS drub database incorporated for quick prescription writing.
  4. Privacy, Security and Reliability.
  5. Proven return on investment.
  6. Increase Doctors and office efficiency.
  7. Handouts, Referral Forms, Certificates, Money Receipt and Immunization Charts.
  8. DIMS prescription software allows Doctor to archive cases for research purposes.


Easy to generate prescription in Bangla and English

Quickly pinpoint the exact information both in Bangla and English help Doctor to increase prescription writing.

Medical image storage

Easily store disease and investigation images for future reference.

DIMS powered drug database

Integrated DIMS drug database enables quick search of drugs and drug details, making it extremely convenient.

Patient History Documentation

Patient’s complete demographic details are stored for quick viewing.

Customizable Prescription Template

Unique custom prescription writing interface make it more Doctor’s friendly.

Provision of Medical Data analysis

Doctor can archive clinically important cases for research purposes.

How DIMS Prescription works?

New Appointment

Create a new appointment with patient’s full demographic details or simply by name.


Main prescription writing window where everything you will get and view in one window for better understanding.

Prescription Print

Prescription print format for quicker viewing. Choose your desired format or print it out in your existing prescription pad.

Doctors love DIMS Rx

“I am very much satisfied with the features of this Software. It is very user friendly and cost effective. Being able to run a practice that can efficiently use its time and see patients in an efficient manner is really important, and having DIMS Prescription at our end has allowed us to do that.”

Dr. Abu Bakar Siddique

“I have found DIMS Prescription to be much more user friendly than other software. The program to be exceptionally easy to use and simple to customize to my likings. The SMS & Email appointment reminder is a great feature as are the billing options. I use the Handouts feature almost on a daily basis. I would be happy to recommend DIMS Prescription for allied health professionals working in Private Chambers & Clinics.”

Dr. Lutful Kabir

“I have great pleasure in recommending this prescription writing software which helps clinicians in prescribing medications to improve the quality of treatment. The software has complete drug database and drug details. This has made this software an outstanding piece of work and would help immensely in writing quick & safe prescriptions.”

 Dr. Zubaer Hossain

“After using the software I feel that every single doctor should use it for the benefit of the society. It is truly an outstanding work in medical field and would serve as one of the most essential tools for practicing doctors.”

Dr. Redwanul Huq Masum

Pricing & Plans

Free Trial
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  • 30 Days Trial
  • Online use
10,000 BDT
Single Doctor
Suitable for Personal use
  • Analytics Report
  • Offline Use
  • Free Assistant Version
2,00,000 BDT
20 Doctors
Suitable for Hospital, Diagnostic center & Clinic
  • Appointment from Reception
  • Analytics Report
  • Offline Use

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