Telemedicine Service by ITmedicus

ITmedicus started a telemedicine service by using a mobile app named mDoctor and also through the DIMS Rx prescription writing software, to help the patient to get the Doctor’s advice from home. After tele-consultation the patient will get the digital prescription instantly in his/her mobile.

How does it work?


Patients schedule an appointment from mDoctor app


Appointment confirmed upon payment from call center

Video call

Doctor talk to Patient via video call.


Doctor prescribe medications by DIMS Rx online software and patients get prescription instantly in their mDoctor mobile app.
  • mDoctor app allows patients to schedule an appointment and choose the available Doctor of their choice.
  • Appointment will be confirmed after the patient pay the scheduled Doctor’s visiting fee. They can also attach a picture of the disease area or the latest investigation report and send to doctors in just a few taps through their mDoctor mobile app.
  • ITmedicus will confirm the appointment request by calling the patient.
  • After that doctor will call the patient on schedule appointment time for consultation through mDoctor mobile app. And can give medical advice as well as prescribe medications by DIMSRx web software, through which patients will get the prescription instantly in their mobile app.

What’s the benefit of Telemedicine?

For Doctors:

  • Telemedicine through a mobile app lets physicians treat their patients remotely via live audio-video chat.
  • Telemedicine makes it easier for Doctors to treat & follow-up with their patients.
  • Patient monitoring solutions make it easier for patients and physicians to maintain close communication.

For patients:

  • Reduces or eliminates the expense and exhaustion of traveling.
  • Provides access to a wider range of specialist advice and services.
  • Deliver faster and more efficient health care by using technology to remove the distance barrier.
  • Reduces or eliminates the separation from family members in times of illness.
  • Reduces waiting time for patients.

DIMS Rx Telemedicine

DIMS Rx Telemedicine is a complete online telemedicine mobile application for patients to connect with a doctor to consult through real time video consultation. The patients can be booked doctor’s appointments for online consultation.

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